Strategies and Arts for Tourism

A quick and economical way to attract followers and make sales on social media

Save time with a simple and practical solution!

Social media is one of the most powerful and accessible ways to attract customers and generate sales. But having to post frequently and generate ideas can be a tiring, confusing and time-consuming routine.

Most tourism businesses have a high operational and customer service demand, and there are so many things to do that not having the time, skills or dedicated team to take care of marketing ends up being a common problem that limits growth.

If you’re in this situation, you no longer have to suffer with doubts and waste a lot of time producing content.

There is a NEW OPPORTUNITY for anyone:


You need to invest in social media, but you don’t have the time, skills or team to create attractive designs;


Would you like a quick and cost-effective way to grow your digital presence and increase sales as soon as possible?


It seeks to achieve more profit and security with digital marketing strategies;


They prefer ready-made solutions, rather than going to all the trouble and expense of researching and creating everything from scratch.

If you’re in one or more of these situations, then this is for you!

Get instant access to the Canva Pack for Tourism

There are over 1000 Canva templates that will save you weeks, generate more engagement, followers and, above all, sales.

Professionalize your profiles with strategies and templates designed exclusively for TOURISM businesses and companies!

Boost your brand and speed up your work with ready-made social media templates in CANVA, a world-class, free and easy-to-use tool.

What content models can do for you:

Save money

With templates, you can save on design and the manpower needed to create each piece of artwork, and concentrate on other, more profitable tasks.

More results on the internet

Increase your digital presence and grow faster in this context in which social networks have become a “must-have” element for any company.

Save time!

Be more agile on social media and focus on what you do best! Help your customers and expand your business.

Create engaging content

Have attractive social media profiles and posts that get shared and increase your reach and engagement!

Increase your brand's reputation and authority

Make your social networks more professional and increase the perception and value of your brand by sharing professional posts full of value for your audience.

Turn followers into customers

It’s not just about increasing your followers, you’ll have access to strategies and templates that will help you bring in sales, referrals and new purchases!

Who is it for?

Fully designed for
looking for easy and fast ways to promote their activities and destinations on social networks based on semi-ready-made Canva art templates.


Tourist agencies


Local Operators


Tourist guides


Tourist Attractions


Hotels and hostels


Hostels and campsites


Vacation Rentals


Travel Influencers

How it works


Get access to a PDF containing the links to integrate the templates into your Canva account.

Personalize your visual identity

Simply change the fonts, colors, images and include photos of the destinations and places you want to promote.

Export and share

Quickly create your images and export them from Canva to post on Instagram, Facebook or Stories!

Design with strategy!

The artwork was created including elements of content strategies and techniques to increase the attraction and conversion of followers into sales.

You’ll find it easy to create customized artwork for your business and use it according to your customer’s buying journey.

Very easy to adapt to your brand!

Just change the fonts, colors, images and other graphic elements to match your brand and promote the destinations and establishments you want!

Canva is one of the easiest and most widely used free design tools in the world. All in the simplest and quickest way to make creation easy.

Easy on the phone too!

The CANVA app makes it easy to edit your artwork from anywhere.

Create your posts and enjoy your time using your smartphone.

What’s included?

PDF file with links to over
1000 CANVA
CANVA templates organized with a focus on results!

Here’s some of what you’ll find

Templates to promote package offers

Increase your sales with beautiful, engaging content and strategies to promote your products and services.

Promotions and discounts

Use templates strategically to create irresistible offers, stimulate referrals, increase purchase value and generate more sales.

Travel Tips

Create valuable content that is useful and entertaining for the customer while promoting your services in a light and relaxed way.

Dissemination of other media and content

Direct traffic to other social media, and increase your email list and followers by creating a powerful and complete strategy to promote your business.

Carousel models

Create professional posts with lots of images that help your profile stand out and outshine your competitors.

Art to inspire and promote your destination

Educate your audience, promote new destinations and establishments with interesting and attractive content.

Increasing Engagement and Conversations

Templates to start conversations on social networks and increase engagement. (e.g. questions, polls, conversations, etc.)

Templates for Calls to Action

With these templates you’ll always drive conversion and encourage your followers to take the next step!

Testimonials and Quotes

Models to increase your authority and generate social proof for your brand, while inspiring travelers to new experiences.

Get creative and multiply your possibilities!

Build new ideas to create unique posts with templates that will differentiate your brand and increase your quality image.

And there’s more…

In addition to all this, you’ll also get these bonuses:

BONUS 1 – Templates for Stories

Have all the artwork sized for stories and sequences to engage and convert your audience.

You can use the templates for Stories on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Linkedin.

There are countless possibilities for increasing results on social media.

BONUS 2 – Templates for Facebook

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world and is key to creating a more solid digital presence for your business.

Take advantage of the artwork and make it easy to post with quality and frequency on this medium.

BONUS 3 – Printed Art Templates

Complement your social media strategies with flyer templates, posters, business cards and postcards.

Have more possibilities to capture and engage your visitors and strengthen your brand identity.

BONUS 4 – Accelerator Strategies

Along with the templates, you will have access to strategic guidelines and indications for:

◾ Knowing how and when to use content pieces based on strategies for attracting customers and increasing sales.

◾ Understand how to make the most of the tool using simple and professional resources that will simplify your routine and the adaptation to your brand.

◾ Know powerful tools to get the best out of social networks, have an integrated marketing and sales strategy, and get more results with less effort on social networks.

BONUS 5 – 150 Post Templates

To complement the art pack, you can count on various ideas to attract, engage and convert your followers.

A quick and easy way to create content and make your social networks more professional and profitable.

Access templates for:

◾ Promote destinations, packages and activities;

◾ Increase engagement;

◾ Increase authority and connection;

◾Promote offers and increase sales;

Summary of the art you will receive!

✅ 60 templates for promoting package offers
✅ 40 promotion and discount templates
✅ 100 content templates and travel tips
✅ 30 templates to promote other media and content
✅ 55 arts to create carousel posts
✅ 50 arts to promote destinations and experiences
✅ 40 templates to increase engagement
✅ 15 call to action templates

✅ 25 templates to include testimonials and quotes
✅ 40 templates to make your brand more professional
3 interactive digital card templates
✅ 6 e-flyer models
✅ 2 postcard templates
✅ 2 business card templates
✅ 1 gift certificate template
✅ 1 voucher template

There are 455 different art templates for social media!

And you can multiply that by 3x, because all these templates are adapted to Instagram, Facebook and Stories.

It also includes 15 printed artwork templates to complement your offline strategies!

IN TOTAL THERE ARE 1380 TEMPLATES to adapt your brand and quickly start enjoying all the benefits for an unlimited time!

It’s important to understand…


The Canva Pack in Tourism is :

✔️ Templates for posts and stories to use quickly

✔️ Bank of social media strategies in tourism

✔️ A way to accelerate sales results

✔️ A time and knowledge shortcut

✔️ Posting strategies to attract, engage and convert


Canva Pack is NOT:

❌ A course on Canva

❌ Random and aimless ideas

❌ Ready-made art that you don’t have to do anything with

❌ No subscriptions to pay for

❌ For those who don’t want results on social media

How much is it all worth?

The average price for a designer to create a package of artwork ranges from €2 to €10 per artwork.

Considering a minimum amount and the negotiation of a professional package, you would easily have to invest €1000, and you would still have to define and organize the strategies, select a qualified professional, supervise, check the deliveries and spend many hours on this whole process.

Instead of missing out on business opportunities, by investing all that money and time, you can save many hours of work and have instant access to a qualified service, with endless possibilities for multiplying content.

Instead of spending more than €1000, TODAY you will have access to all these benefits at an extremely attractive price and for a limited time.

Take It All Now

€ 47!

* (
less than 5 cents per art
* This is a SPECIAL OFFER that can be closed at any time.

Here’s another way of thinking about it…


◼️ If all this can bring you a long-term audience that wants to buy your product or service, is it worth the price?

◼️ How much time and knowledge do you need to organize this information and create the artwork for your business?

◼️ How much is the hour of work (yours or your team’s) worth to create your social media posts and strategies?

◼️ If it saves you time and money and frees up other resources and your team to develop your business, is it a good investment?


Don’t waste time and get this opportunity to bring profit and savings to your business at this special price.

Make your purchase RISK FREE!

When you buy
you’ll have 15 days risk-free
to analyze all the material, apply the strategies and see if this solution makes sense to start getting better results on your social media.

If you’re not satisfied during this period, just send an e-mail and you’ll get 100% of your money back!

The intention of this guarantee is to show you that you have NO RISK, and I’m doing my utmost to make you experience the benefits that the Canva for Tourism package will do for your business!

“But is it worth it?”

The question you need to ask yourself now is NOT whether it’s worth it…

You have protection and a GUARANTEE, and you can decide in 15 days whether this purchase has made a difference to your business.

The RIGHT questions now are:

? How can this save my business hours or even weeks of research, design and learning?

? How quickly can my social media marketing improve and my sales grow?

? How will I use this to bring more profit and sales to my company?

? What is the cost of having a weak profile and not engaging people to buy my product?

Those are the right questions to ask!

Do you have any questions?

Ask all your questions and make sure this is the product for your needs!

How is this different from other models out there?

The Canva Pack for Tourism has a few differences:

1 – It was created by a union of professionals dedicated to content creation, digital growth strategy, social media, designers and tourism marketing.

2 – The arts are the result of analyzing reference profiles in tourism, theoretical and practical learning, and commercial strategy.

3 – A bank of ideas and strategies totally focused on the needs of the tourism market, these are arts that make the most of images and visual resources.

4 – You’ll have the resources to develop your social media, while adding offline strategies to accelerate your growth and profits!

What do you need to use these models?

Once you’ve purchased the templates, all you need to do is create or log in to your Canva account on your mobile device or computer.

There, you can add templates and access all the Canva templates you have purchased and edit them as you wish.

Is this a Canva course?


This product includes a wide variety of editable art templates, but does not teach the technical details of the tool.

The tool is very intuitive and has a large number of free tutorials on the internet.

You’ll certainly have no trouble with this and the templates will make it easy to create, regardless of your level of skill with Canva.

Can these templates be used for Facebook, Insta Stories, and Whatsapp Status?


With the bonuses you’ll have access to all the artwork already scaled for each medium.

This way you don’t need a PRO account to resize your artwork.

Will this work for me if I'm starting from scratch?

If you don’t have a social media profile or are going to start investing more in these resources, you need templates even more!

They will help you get engagement and grow faster without wasting time creating everything from scratch.

How much time do I need?

You can create a single post in just a few minutes even if you’re a beginner!

And you can create an entire week’s content in advance in less than an hour.

Will this work for all these segments in tourism?

Behind every segment, every destination, there is knowledge to be shared.

Are you a travel agent?

Educate about the differentials of your services, show new destinations and routes to make people want them.

Are you a Tour Guide?

Educate about the routes and destinations you work with and be seen as an authority.

Do you have any accommodation?

Educate them about your destination and the advantages of your accommodation.


In addition to content, you will facilitate and accelerate sales by making attractive offers to customers.

Now you’ll find it much easier to use social networks!

Do the models work for brands and people?

Yes! If your business, whether represented by an individual or a brand, needs a presence on social media, this product is for you!

If your goals are to increase reach, engagement and ideal customers, then these templates will absolutely come in handy.

Now you’ll find it much easier to use social networks regardless of your business model or segment!

But wouldn't the content of all of them be the same?

No. The content can be customized by adding your own images, logos, colors, fonts and photos.

With your personalization, the artwork will have its own unique identity.


What’s more… there is a lot of information online on social networks and each company has its own audience, which makes it very difficult for a customer to get the impression of similarity between companies.

What can I customize?

Everything. You can choose the color scheme, edit the text, create your own infographic templates and much more.

In essence, you can make the templates entirely your own and tailor them to your brand’s needs and requirements. You can also make them as creative and colorful as possible.

The more creative the use of resources, the greater the possibilities for adaptation!

Are images included?

No, you will have to include your own images, or use the image banks of your choice to personalize your artwork.

The images used in this package are for demonstration purposes.

Some are from the free Canva account, and others from the PRO Account, which you can use if you choose that option.

Do I need a Canva subscription?

No paid subscription to Canva is required. In fact, the template will work with both free and Canva Pro accounts.

The Pro account offers more features and images available, and is suitable for you to have more possibilities and speed, however it is not necessary to take advantage of the product.

Do I have access to everything at once?

Yes! You get access to ALL the material, including the bonuses, as soon as payment is confirmed.

Your member portal login details will be sent directly to your inbox and if you have any problems accessing the content just contact support.

How long do I have access to the material?

Once purchased, this content is yours for an unlimited period of time.

No other payment required.

Contact and support?

If you need assistance in answering any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to


✅ Click on the button and choose your payment method. (Choose credit card for immediate access)

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive your login details by email.

You will have unlimited access to ALL the content.

You can quickly start creating content that attracts your customers, engages them and generates more sales!

Which decision is best for you?

As this is a SPECIAL OFFER, there are basically 3 ways you can go about it:


1️⃣ If you’re sure that this isn’t the product for you, and you wouldn’t like to try without any risk, that’s fine!

Thanks for your attention, and don’t forget to invest in your social networks!


2️⃣ The second option is for to continue producing and researching new topics on its own.

There are other templates on Canva, websites and YouTube videos that give you tips and tricks on how to make your posts.

If you prefer to take this longer route and dedicate your time, or that of your team, to creating your posts and strategies rather than having a complete semi-ready-made and customizable package, this is an option for you.


3️⃣ And the third option is to click on the button below now, take advantage of this offer to have more attractive social networks, increase followers and convert customers, faster.

This is a RISK-FREE opportunity to save time and accelerate your business with over 1,300 social media graphics.

Start promoting your business today with engaging content that captures attention, connects with your audience and converts followers into potential customers and buyers.


This investment opportunity is 100% risk-free due to the 15-day money-back guarantee.

This special offer can be withdrawn and modified at any time.

With this complete package of gear and strategies you have all the resources you need to start selling and making a profit using simple and practical resources! All you need to do is act and make that small investment now!


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