Identify what you need to do now to increase profits using online sales strategies in Tourism

Learn how to measure your results, identify what to do first, and increase your income possibilities with new strategies and tools.

There are 40 strategies and an organized ACTION PLAN to implement and get faster results.

It’s no longer necessary to convince anyone that companies need to be present on the Internet, everyone already knows that…

But there is a common problem that causes many businesses to waste time and opportunities to increase sales.

Many companies and professionals still don’t have the vision of what to do to turn actions on the internet into PROFIT for the business, not just followers or turnover.

Now is the time to access this simple and objective content to help you define online growth strategies, increase profits, and do more with fewer resources.

Ebook + Action Plan

Profitable Strategies for Online Growth in Tourism

With this content you will be able to:


Define immediate actions to quickly increase sales using the Internet.


Understand the 4 goals to leverage the PROFITS of the business, and what strategies to execute to achieve each one.


Increase turnover with the resources you already have, with as little investment as possible.


Avoid a common mistake that could be costing you more than 5x to attract sales and increase your profits.


Understand which customers can buy more easily and at a lower sales cost.


Having more clarity and simplicity to define the priority sales strategies for the business.


Feel more secure and confident in managing the business’s online marketing and sales.


Moving towards a more peaceful life, reaping the rewards of a more prosperous and predictable business.

This is OBJECTIVE and PRACTICAL material to help tourism companies and professionals achieve greater predictability and business security, even if they are confused about which strategies to use to sell on the Internet.

What you will have access to

Strategy Guide

There are 40 strategies and several suggestions for action that will help you sell more to the same customers, increase the value of sales, spend less and attract more and more people!

Easy and objective reading.

Everything organized so that the business achieves its goals of making more PROFIT!

You will have access to a digital version of the book optimized for computers and cell phones.



Practical Action Plan

Just as important as understanding the strategies is putting them into action!

Get access to a structured spreadsheet to define your priorities and organize the execution of your strategies easily and quickly!

Complete Mind Map

Facilitate your learning and accelerate your results with access to the complete mind map of the content!

You can easily absorb the information and consult the strategies in a more practical way.

Everything for your convenience!

Metrics Worksheet

Everything will be easier and your investments will be put to much better use if you have control of the metrics and cross-check the results of your marketing and sales.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL step towards making your business more PROFITABLE!

With this simple spreadsheet template, you’ll find it much easier and safer to evolve and accelerate your results.

What are the advantages of this content?

You will have access to actions and strategies totally focused on achieving targets to increase the profitability of your sales.

Are followers and revenue important?

Yes, indeed!

But what matters for the business and pays the entrepreneur’s bills are PROFITS, so that’s the main theme and objective.

If this makes sense to you, this material will help you to be clearer and more confident about investing in your business’s digital marketing and sales campaigns.

Save weeks of time!

You’ll have access to 40 strategies to save you hours (or even weeks) of research, learning and trial and error without knowing what to do!

Professionalize your management

Whether it’s you or your team getting to work, everything will be easier and faster with action plans and metrics control.

Optimize Investments

No more losing money in this pandemic. Have more clarity and confidence to invest in your marketing and seek results in the short and long term.

Targeted Action

Have much more speed to define and implement strategies that attract more customers and bring sales results.

Instead of missing out on business opportunities and suffering from the insecurity and confusion of not knowing what to do, this is an OPPORTUNITY to save many hours of work (yours and your team’s) and have instant access to strategies that can boost your results faster!

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity

R$ 19!

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Make your purchase RISK FREE!

When you buy
you’ll have 15 days risk-free
to analyze all the material, apply the strategies and see if this solution makes sense so you can start getting better results.

If you’re not satisfied during this period, just send an e-mail and you’ll get 100% of your money back!

The intention of this guarantee is to show that you have NO RISK in experiencing the benefits that this content will do for your business!

Do you have any questions?

Ask all your questions and make sure this is the product for your needs!

How is this different from other books out there?

As well as content with strategies for increasing profits in tourism businesses, you’ll have access to a practical action plan to quickly implement and take advantage of the information.

Throughout the material you’ll also find some external links that will help you delve deeper into the topics you find most relevant.

Everything specifically for the tourism market!

Will this work for me if I have difficulty with technology?


Many of the strategies are extremely simple and can be carried out without major investments or technological resources.

What’s even more important is to understand the principle and the goals of making more profit in business, regardless of any technological tricks.

Which tourism segments will this work for?

All professionals working with these business models can benefit from this information:

  • Tourist agencies
  • Local Operators
  • Tourist guides
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Hotels and hostels
  • Hostels and campsites
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Travel Influencers
  • Destination managers
  • Professional associations

This is not specific content, but rather general marketing and sales strategies that are adapted to the tourism market.

Why so affordable?

Honestly, this is a marketing strategy used by major digital producers and marketing professionals all over the world.

You have access to a product that generates a LOT of value for a very advantageous price, so get to know my work better.

This way I can create new connections and possibly help more people.

It’s a win-win negotiation!

And if you don’t think you’ve won… I’m sorry, but that’s okay, you can ask for a refund within 15 days.

Do I have access to everything at once?

Yes! You get access to ALL the material, including the bonuses, as soon as payment is confirmed.

Your member portal login details will be sent directly to your inbox and if you have any problems accessing the content just contact support.

How long do I have access to the material?

Once purchased, this content is yours for an unlimited period of time.

No other payment required.

Contact and support?

If you need assistance in answering any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to

The longer it takes you to get online, the more opportunities you lose to grow!

Take advantage of this INVESTMENT and return your money immediately in the form of time, quality and strategies to retain, attract and convert customers.

Thiago Cruz

Thiago Cruz

Management, Marketing and Tourism Professional

I am a professional who believes that tourism can be so much more, and that the market needs practical resources to evolve more fast.

I hold a degree in Tourism and Hospitality, an MBA in Business Management, and specialization in Digital Marketing.

With a career in tourism since 2004, I have worked as a researcher, travel agent, tour guide, marketing consultant, operations manager, commercial and financial manager, and now as a digital entrepreneur.

Like many others, I love to travel, experience different cultures, meet new people, and strive to grow and contribute to the tourism industry.


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