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In the AI and digital era, it’s essential to optimize the management, marketing, and sales of your tourism business to stand out in the market.

We offer affordable and practical solutions to help solve problems and accelerate your business in any destination.

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Digital Products

Current and powerful solutions to reduce barriers and generate growth in an economical and fast way.

Templates and Models

Access pre-made materials for immediate customization and application.

List and Processes

Ready-to-use operational procedures to streamline task execution and foster business growth.

Assessoria Personalizada

Aconselhamento profissional e suporte para empresas e organizações de turismo.

Courses and Webinars

Indication and promotion of educational and technical content focused on tourism.

AI Tools

Recommendations for technological resources that help improve management, marketing and sales.

Who can benefit?

We promote content, digital services, and products to strengthen:


Tourism Professionals


Travel Agents


Tour Operators


Tour Guides


Tourist Attractions


Hotels and Guest Houses


Hostels and Campings


Holiday Rentals and Property Managers


Destination Management Companies


Tourism Institutions

Digital products are fast and cost-effective alternatives to solve problems and accelerate businesses in any destination.

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In today’s context, the best use of technology is essential for the evolution of management and marketing of companies, as well as for the competitiveness of destinations.

Discover fast solutions with no geographical limits, offering advantageous alternatives for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Entrepreneurship, Education, and Technology will change Tourism!

Tourism is a chain, and the stronger each company and professional is, the more the market evolves and becomes prosperous for everyone.

However, in general, the training of tourism businesses is still limited, and this is one of the factors that hinders the sector.

Especially, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs need training and resources that facilitate the management of their businesses and income generation in this new, more digital context.

Here are some objectives:


Promoting Specialized Content

Expanding access and bringing technical content to be applied to the day-to-day of companies, as well as the main trends and opinions of experts in Tourism.


Expand Business Education

Reach the most diverse regions by spreading knowledge for the evolution of Tourism companies.


Encouraging Digital Transformation

Gather and promote best practices to stimulate digital transformation and generate online income.


Empowering Technical Assistance

Promote and provide distance education and technical assistance through courses, online consultancy, and downloadable materials.


Supporting Market Strengthening

Encouraging integration and partnerships, promoting the exchange of experiences, successful cases, and initiatives.


Fostering the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Fostering the development of emotional intelligence and the entrepreneurial mindset.

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We are committed to helping companies benefit from digital transformation and seize business opportunities in this new context.

Our goal is to help companies take advantage of these new opportunities as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


To inform, empower and provide solutions for the evolution of tourism businesses, encouraging digital transformation and enhancing their management, marketing and sales capabilities.


Being a reference portal for business education in tourism, contributing to market competitiveness, and encouraging entrepreneurship as a tool for economic and social transformation.


Thiago Cruz

Thiago Cruz

Management, Marketing and Tourism Professional

I am a professional who believes that tourism can be so much more, and that the market needs practical resources to evolve more fast.

I hold a degree in Tourism and Hospitality, an MBA in Business Management, and specialization in Digital Marketing.

With a career in tourism since 2004, I have worked as a researcher, travel agent, tour guide, marketing consultant, operations manager, commercial and financial manager, and now as a digital entrepreneur.

Like many others, I love to travel, experience different cultures, meet new people, and strive to grow and contribute to the tourism industry.

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